The floating catwalk on water

At 16th of September the event named “Aarhus walks on water” was held of course in the Aarhus city, where I took part as a model. It was a competition for young talented designers-developers, who created a futuristic clothing collections. The prize for the winning design was 10.000 euros.

Very special 80 meter long floating catwalk was designed on the harbour for the event. That was pretty crazy and dangerous, what was very exciting and new for models to try. The beginning of the catwalk was built on the stairs and other part was going in the water.

I love this kind of events, because it holds a lot of great people and you can make great connections.

At this show, were 30 models from my agency  – Unique models and that was a perfect time to get to know more models, which you have heard of, but never met yourself. A lot of action, speaking, moving, you can see it yourself in this video.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Make up by Pernille Grønhøj

The make-up was pretty unusual for the catwalk. The show didn’t have breaks, that’s why models had only one make up for the whole show. I know, that my eyes are super sensitive, and I was sure that I will look tear-strained or high when I will get a yellow liner in my lower eye lid.

Processed with VSCO with g3 presetThe designer which opened the show was not taking part in the competition. Shaun Borstrock, from at the University of Business and Innovation arrived to showcase 3D printed fashionable products that are  customisable and wearable.These garments can be adjusted to fit any body shape. It takes a lot of work and patience to make these garments, as Shaun told me, he needed to put 30.000 Swarovski crystals by hand.
Processed with VSCO with c1 presetThe winner of the AWOW 17 was Yiyu Chen from Taiwan. The young designer created a variety of styles, which in different ways impressed the judges. You can see one of her garment on me on the left.



3 thoughts on “The floating catwalk on water

  1. I saw you there!!
    Me, my boyfriend and my brother was at the AWOW event, and when I saw you there on the catwalk, I said; ‘It really looks like Viola’ and tried to see, if it really was you – but it was difficult to be sure with the glasses, hat and everything..
    Cool to see you there!

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